Sights from the 2014-15 CCNY Basketball Season

The 2014-15 CCNY Basketball season is over.  Although both teams struggled, they gave us some awesome images to remember the (few) good times.  Enjoy the following shots, courtesy of CCNY’s The Campus Magazine sports photographers and BeaverBeat editors Jeff Weisinger and Louis Oprisa.


IMG_7875 IMG_5225 IMG_4281 IMG_4276 IMG_4257 IMG_4187 IMG_4160 IMG_4145 IMG_4126 IMG_4124 IMG_4120 IMG_4090 IMG_4071 IMG_4063 IMG_4039 IMG_4026 IMG_4004 IMG_3993 IMG_3950 IMG_3944 IMG_3908 IMG_3407 IMG_3373  IMG_3344 IMG_3298 IMG_3289 IMG_3218 IMG_3183 IMG_6215IMG_5177IMG_6544 IMG_6552IMG_6771mecIMG_8352IMG_6187IMG_6211IMG_6532wmIMG_6521 IMG_5474 IMG_6842 IMG_6860 IMG_7019 IMG_7050 IMG_7104 IMG_7156IMG_7771 IMG_7796 IMG_7875 IMG_8002 IMG_8033 IMG_8074 IMG_8086 IMG_8092 IMG_8121 IMG_8202 IMG_8259 IMG_8318

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